Prague districts

A brief overview over Prague Districts

Prague 1
Prague 2
Prague 3
Prague 4
Prague 5
Prague 6
Prague 7
Prague 8
Prague 9
Prague 10

Prague 1

Prague 1 is basically the city center, having the river Vltava (The Moldau) going across it. This city center is described by many as the most beautiful city center of the whole Europe, having its city symbols in Karluv Most (the Charles Bridge) which makes you feel as if you came straight from a fairy tale, Staromestka namesti (the old town square) where the famous astronomical clock is, Vaclavské namesti (the main avenue Vaclav) among many others. That is why it is always crowded with tourists all year round. For this reason, maybe it is not the ideal place for a typical family life; there are also very few green areas and all big shopping malls are not that close (but you will find TESCO – a 5 floor shopping center in Narodni Trida, right at the border with Prague 2 where you can buy about everything). Plus, it can even become a real thrill to try to park your car. There are no underground garages and the only possibilities to park are in small narrow streets. But the situation changes for those who like or are used to big metropolitan cities. The architecture is magisterial; Lots of residential buildings were built in Art Nouveau or Social Realism style. A typical Prague 1 building will be a mostly newly renovated attic space with high ceilings, very spacious rooms with ornaments and heavy entry doors. Usually they do not have balconies, but you can find an inner yard with a natural green atmosphere. Lifts here will be hard to find. If you find them, they will be old and small. The hallways are usually large, and each floor contains no more than 2 or 3 apartments. In Prague 1 there are all kind of restaurants, hotels, cultural events and activities as well as fantastic public transport connections to all other city areas. After all, we are talking about the center of Prague!

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Prague 2

Prague 2 is still very connected to the city center in Prague 1, which is easily reachable by walking. Being similar in many ways, it has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops and also an excellent connection to all other city areas, but without the masses of tourists. Here, Vinohrady stands out and distinguishes itself as a preferred residential area for foreigners or wealthy Czech families. Even though the prices are higher, one can still breathe the city center’s spirit and at the same time, experience some tranquility, despite the international atmosphere created by big international offices. In Namesti Miru (just one metro station away from the city center), there is the grand central plaza where it stands the most important municipal building. Other areas are Nové mesto (New Town), where the well known square Karlovo Namesti stands, Nusle and Visehrad – which contains the Czech national cemetery and the ruins of a medieval fortress. The architecture and the buildings are the same as in Prague 1: high ceilings, very spacious rooms with ornaments, heavy entry doors, no balconies and inner yards. Lifts will also be hard to find. Large entry hallways and each floor contain no more than 2 or 3 apartments. In Prague 2 you can also find some parks, making this part appealing and enjoyable for family life.

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Prague 3

Some ends of the rich area of Vinohrady area actually the start of Prague 3, where you will find a transition between this part, where the big, very complete shopping center Flora is, and the other big part of it, which is represented by Zizkov. Zizkov has a reputation of having an “underground” kind of atmosphere, with different social groups. It is easy to find typical Czech pubs, restaurants and all kind of shops. It is actually a preferred area for some foreigners, especially because of the combination – close to the center / cheap living prices. It can be a very quiet neighborhood to live too, with few tourists, maybe because the metro does not cover the whole area. The age group can here be slightly older among Czech residents, but it is also very popular for students, because the prices here are lower. The architecture and the buildings are similar to that in Prague 1 and 2, but maybe not so preserved on the outside: Same high ceilings, spacious rooms with ornaments, heavy entry doors, no balconies and inner yards. Lifts will also be hard to find. Large entry hallways, and each floor contains no more than 2 or 3 apartments. It will be easier here to park your car in the streets, which can be steepy. Wherever you stand in the center of Prague, try looking up to find Prague’s tallest structure and you’ll see the Zizkov television tower, named after the region where it stands. You will also be able to visit the famous Franz Kafka’s grave is in a Jewish cemetery nearby. A combination of different flavors… That is exactly what Zizkov is.

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Prague 4

Prague 4 is a very big district. It ranges from the center (its northern borders “kiss” Prague 2), then the right bank of the Vltava river (The Moldau) until the southern end of Prague (where you will also find Mechelsky les, a huge green healthy area with lakes) being very well connected with the motorway to Brno, Czech Republic’s second biggest city. Along this area you will always have the red line of the metro, and there are big shopping centers, such as the new Arkady (in Pankrac) or Chodov’s big mall. The residential areas are mostly “panelak” – a colloquial Czech word to describe a name of blocks of high-rise panel buildings, where typical Czech families like to live in tranquility. You will find a lot of those in Pankrac or in Budejovicka. It is a style in architecture that seeks to be purely functional, typical from the Socialism era. You can here find “Panelak” that reach more than 10 floors, but they will have elevators and many apartments on the same floor. The apartments are not very big with centralized heating and they can have small balconies. Another strong possibility is to live in a house with a yard, or even to own one floor of a Combo house. Some Czech families separate the generations of their families in 2 different floors. Both examples do not have underground garages, but it is relatively easy to park your car in the street. Garages on the surface are also part of this area, so it is very common to own either a house with an exterior garage or a key to your parking place in a big exterior garage. Extended through the river Vltava (The Moldau) you will also find Podoli and further west, Branik - both with great tram connections towards the center along the beautiful river, and with parks relatively close. You will find lots of Czech students living all over Prague 4, but as you go away from the center, this area will become less and less famous around foreigners, but a peculiar reason that those who live there point out for having chosen this area is, that it is now covered by a new department of the Foreigners Police, allowing them to avoid long unpleasant bureaucratic cues. Bottom-line: it is big quiet area, with some green spots, reasonable prices making it possibly a good place for family life.

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Prague 5

Prague 5 stands on the left bank of the river Vltava (The Moldau). Here, the Andel area stands out for its huge amount of offices, lots of them are international, and the recently opened big shopping center in the heart of Andel’s main square in Smichov. This important commercial area, actually, the entire district, is covered by the yellow metro line and by many buses and trams. You will find sport centers, bowling alleys, and some parks. All this in the south of Mala Strana which is a very popular area, especially when you are getting close to the center, where you will face regular tourist traffic and high housing prices. As you go further away from the river, you reach areas like Jinonice and Butovice, mainly typical Czech neighborhoods with the previously mentioned “panelak” style, with fewer restaurants and bars. It is also easy to find here some very modern apartments with the latest technology, cameras, underground garages and Luxurious suits. It is a safe and calm area to raise a family and live in a modern apartment and to have simultaneously a glimpse of a village atmosphere. There are also some International Schools that can provide the best education to your kids. In Motol you can find not so expensive hotels, and still with good direct connections to the center. It can be also interesting to know that in this area you can find a golf club. Kosire, Hlubocepy and Radlice are also typical Czech areas featuring old family houses. It is therefore, a transition area, from the commercial busy Andel standing near the river, to the typical and quiet Butovice.

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Prague 6

Prague 6 is the largest Prague District, and also probably the most expensive residential area. Notice that this district offers you the Prague castle, the biggest Czech airport Ruzyne, a few important monasteries, some embassies, villas, magnificent green areas (Divoká sarka, Obora hvezda, or Ladronka) with lakes perfect for any outdoor sport or to walk your dog. There is also a motorcycle stadium. The only counterpart is that the metro does not cover it all. Prague 6 includes areas like Ruzyně, Liboc, Veleslavín, Vokovice, Dejvice, Střešovice and parts of cadastral areas like Břevnov, Sedlec, Bubeneč and Hradčany, where the Prague castle is. Up there, you find lots of beautiful houses one next to another. Brevnov, for instance is ideal for family life, once it lays in a quiet green surrounding atmosphere, again with green areas perfect to spend a relaxing afternoon. Here you will see a lot of what was described in Prague 5: Houses, yards, pools, garages… purely family style. Dejvice is another very popular area where foreigners want to reside, and it is in many ways similar to Vinohrady (Prague 3) – Same high ceilings, spacious rooms with ornaments, heavy entry doors, no balconies and inner yards. Lifts will be also hard to find. Large entry hallways, and each floor contains no more than 2 or 3 apartments, whereas feature many restaurants and different shops, good public transportation especially by tram, as well as schools and sports venues. Overall, it is a very calm safe area, making it an excellent option for families to live.

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Prague 7

Prague 7 is a rather small district, also near the center, towards the north of the city. Crossing the river coming from the center, you will face the famous Metronome (it replaced a large Stalin monument). It is an expensive area (less then the center, though), where you find most of the embassies, requited villas and also beautiful green areas. On your way from Letna to Holesovice you find lots of different kinds of shops and fast food restaurants. Holesovice is surrounded by the River Vltava (The Moldau) and there you will find an international train station, a huge fair for international events and an amusement park (Luna park). This area can seem a bit strange at a first sight for a foreigner, with lots of buildings built in the socialism realism style, with similar gray buildings where mainly Czech residents live. In Bubenec there is a very pleasant park called Stromovka and you will find it to be the perfect area to enjoy a sunny afternoon or a walk with your dog. Further north, across the river, lays Troja, a nice area where you can enjoy Prague’s magical overview. Here there are mainly houses. This is where Prague’s Zoo is, also a beautiful botanical garden and lots of nice requited Villas with good access especially by tram.

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Prague 8

Prague 8 also kisses the center of Prague (Prague 1) and extends itself towards the northern border of the city, which is much less accessible. Unfortunately this district was the one that became most affected by the 2002 flood and still nowadays some parts of it are under construction. Mainly “panelak” style buildings, some of them really high. There are some areas where living can be pleasant though, you can find some advantages like the tennis courts, for example in Liben. Also, an important business center has been developed close to the central metro station Florenc. Further to the East, the district of Karlin, on the riverbank, is well connected to the center with two metro stations and some trams. Overall, even thought it is improving, this is not still one preferred residencial area.

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Prague 9

Prague 9 is becoming rather popular nowadays, especially since big shopping centers emmerged. For instance the area Vysocanska, which has a direct connection to the center by metro (Yellow line) and where the Fenix Galeries stand out. The metro line has recently incresed to cover all this Prague 9 area. Another important reason atracting people are the cheaper residential prices. A few calm green hilly areas with family style houses and also nice restaurants, typical Czech bars, cheap hotels and small gyms can be found. It is easy to park your car, if not in the street, in your own garage right next to your house. In this region stands also the „O2 Arena“ where all kind of big events take place. This area is boomming, especially near the border with Prague 3 and in Visocany’s surroundings.

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Prague 10

The western side of Prague 10 is attached to Prague 2, therefore close to the center. It is the southeast area of Vinohrady, Vrsovice, which offers good residencial conditions, being relatively cheaper than the more centered part of Vinohrady. The few restaurants in this area are famous for their quality, but they might take a while to reach on foot from the center. A tram is always a solution and if you have a car, it is much easier to park here when going to have dinner in one. Some green areas can also be found in this neighborhood, making it very pleasent for family life. The outskirts of Prague 10 have got metro connections and are a mixture of the typical Czech „panelak“ and small family houses. This part is more industrial, therefore cheaper than Vrsovice, but obviously not as nice. In a nutshell, the inner part of Prague 10, close to the center is a very nice place to live and as you move towards the outside (the borders with Prague 11, 14 and 15) it becomes more unattractive.

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Other districtsUntil 1990 Prague was divided into 10 districts, but nowadays it has got 12 more districts besides the ones shown above. Those remaining districts range from Prague 11 till Prague 22 and are placed around the previously specified 10 districts which cover the inner part of Prague, all with connections to the city center, either by bus, tram or even metro.

By: Nuno Gomes